Firesprite: the last studio PlayStation is reinforced by buying Fabrik Games

Acclaim Studios Manchester (formerly Software program Creations) was a British video game designer based in Manchester, England. The business was developed in 1985 by Richard Kay. They were mostly recognized for their computer game based on film and comic licences like Marvel Comic books, Cutthroat Island, Disney s Elegance and also the Beast and also the original titles Plok, Solstice, and its follow up Equinox.

Barely has he joined the Playstation Studios organization that Firesprite goes on the upper speed by announcing the acquisition of Fabrik Games, a studio based in Manchester with which he had already collaborated on the persistence.

The statement tells us that Fabrik Games was already the official little brother of Fireprite because founded by the same person, Graeme Ankers, two years intervals. In addition to a collaboration on The persistence , the Firesprit science-fiction rogue, Fabrik Games has also developed two original titles, the Infiltration game Filthy Lucre and the platform game in virtual reality The Lost Bear .

Led by Errol Ismail since March 2020, the Fabrik Games team is now officially part of Fireprit, which also displays no less than 265 employees on September 29, 2021. An already consistent figure that could well pass the CAP of the 300 soon Given the 44 posts currently to be filled on the studio site.

If Firesprit has reached such a workforce less than 10 years after training by old PlayStation Studio Liverpool, it is to be able to launch multiple projects simultaneously. The studio has no less than 3 AAA titles in production: an action-adventure game in virtual reality, a narrative adventure game and a multiplayer shooting game.

Sony Buys Another Studio For PS5 Exclusives! Xbox Fanboys BEG Microsoft To Buy More Now! I am delighted to announce that we will bring together Fabrk Games and Firesprite as part of our next exciting step with PlayStation Studios. It s a team of passionate and invested developers, led by veterans from the industry who worked on Many AAA. We look forward to strengthening our talented creative team and continue our trip to offer really unique experiences to PlayStation fans, said Graeme Ankers, Director General of Fireprite.


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