A first trailer for Yurukill, the meeting of the Visual Novel and the Shoot em Up

After chaining the videos designed to present the characters of the adventure, videos that you can find on the game page, Izanagi Games and G.Rev unveil a first trailer of Yurukill: The Calumniation Games, a project mixing visual novel , escape game and shooting game.

Presented as a escape adventure and bullet Hell Shoot em Up , this project led by the young Japanese publisher who has already delivered us Death Come True and World s End Club is based on a scenario written by Homura Kawamoto, the author of the manga kakegurui whose animation series adaptation is available on Netflix. There is also the Divine Saori Hayami (Yumeko Jabami) among the comedians of the game but also with singing since it interprets here the main theme, Black Innocence .

Yurukill: The Calumniation Games is directed by Shinsuke Umeda ( Death Comed True ), its Character Design is provided by Hiro Kiyohara ( Valkyria Revolution ) and its music by Yuko Komiyama ( Mega Man , Monster Hunter , FINAL FANTASY ). Known for Senko No Ronde and Under Defeat , Studio G.Rev took care of the entire Shoot em Up. The release of the game will take place everywhere in the world in the spring of 2022 on PS5, PS4, Switch and Steam at a price still not communicated.

The story of Yurukill (contraction of forgive and kill ) revolves around 11 characters forming teams of two (except a team that forms a trio). These characters were gathered by Binko, a woman with a face covered by a fox mask. This host explains that six of the people here are criminals sentenced to heavy prison sentences, but they will have the chance to regain their freedom.

To erase their slates, the accused will have to survive the different attractions of a park a little special named Yurukill Land, but especially to obtain the forgiveness of the other member of the binomial. In the main tandem formed by Sengoku Shunji and Rina Azami, for example, the first is accused of killing 21 people, including the Rina family. The accused must therefore overcome the trials and gain their redemption in the eyes of the victims, or rather the executioners because it is the title attributed to them here.

The official website of the game explains in more detail the course of each chapter, composed of a Visual Novel part and a Shoot em Up Party. In the first one, the survey will be conducted on attractions and discovering clues to solve puzzles. In progress, the player will get the necessary documents to reveal the truth. The accused will also be subjected to a cross-examination of the executioners and will take care to choose convincing answers without delay.

In the history of the game, the Shoot em Up part is the representation of a virtual reality program in which the accused are fighting for their lives while seeking the truth about the crimes they are charged. In particular, it will be necessary to respond quickly to quizzes and use the evidence harvested during the narrative phases to claim its innocence. These sequences will end on a boss fight against the executioner which symbolizes the final act of the fight against the accused to prove his innocence.


Yurukill: The Calumniation Games - Trailer


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