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Shadows mode gives the gameplay an inimitable visual flair.

Batman Shadows Edition - A Telltale Bundle Official Launch Trailer

Treacherous games batman: The treacherous series and batman: The enemy in DIR is now available in a final pack. The treacherous Batman Shadows Edition is now available for Xbox One and PC. It will be available in the near future for PS4, Nintendo Switch and the Epic Games Store. In the meantime, see the trailer below to see the shadow mode in action.

Batman: The Telltale Series offers a new story with five episodes concentrated on Batman, especially since he leads his double life as Bruce Wayne. It is a good preparation for The enemy within that sees the joker introduced. Although not quite Tellal's best work, both stagger some great moments of storytelling and gameplay.

The shadow mode offers a new visual style with newly colored gameplay and improved textures. The mode is included in this bundle, but can also be purchased separately for $ 4.99. You must have at least one episode from each season to do so.

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